Super Bert & Super Duke

A little while ago, this happened:

We're America and Princess Hazel!

We’re America and Princess Hazel!

Mama’s friend Dan saw this on Facebook and promptly said, “I’m sending him some super hero costumes”. I guess he didn’t understand that America is a superhero, a superhero who wears a red, white & blue tutu and his sister’s sunglasses. But, good thing he didn’t get it. Because then he sent us this:

We're gonna need a sibling, Mama.

We’re gonna need a sibling, Mama.

And then this happened:


Batman wears pink tights with stars, right?


Here, we’re conferring on our catch phrase.


We never did figure one out.


Batman, we’re doing a thing here!


Batman, action poses! Come on!


I have no idea how Supergirl wears this thing. It’s no tutu.


Did the real Batman help tie the real Robin’s mask on? I bet he did.

If you need any crimes solved, let us know. Our super powers include room-destroying, insta-crying, song-writing, and sock-sliding. So, pretty much everything.

- Super Bert & Super Duke

Wake Up Call(s)

It’s been a while since we did a public service announcement. In this post, we’re gonna teach you when it’s appropriate to yell for your Mama and/or Dada after they’ve put you to bed and walked all the way back downstairs. The short answer: anytime!


“It’s too bright in here!” is something you could yell to make your parents come upstairs.


Once in a while, ask for cake at 4 am. You know what they say, “it never hurts to ask”.

But here are some specific circumstances:

  • You thought you saw a face in your closet (the one you made your mom leave open, with a light on inside).
  • You’re thirsty.
  • You have to pee.
  • You peed in your bed.
  • Your Twilight Turtle™ turned off, as it automatically does after 45 minutes.
  • You’re too hot.
  • You’re too cold.
  • Your sock fell off.
  • There’s a weird shadow in the corner (due to the closet light).
  • Mama or Dada forgot to turn on your frog/elephant (humidifier).
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You just felt like yelling that.
  • Nightmare
  • You forgot to tell Mama about the Lego tower you made for her.
  • Your lips are dry.
  • Your mouth hurts. When Mama asks, “Where in your mouth?”, point to your nose.
  • You just can’t. stop. crying.
  • They went out on a date and had a few drinks.
  • They have to get up early tomorrow.
  • You want your Lammy/Pooh Bear/Ducky.
  • You don’t like Lammy/Pooh Bear/Ducky.
  • You want to go uppy.

You’re welcome!

Call you later, Mama & Dada.

- Bert & Duke

Bert & Duke cover band

Did you know we have a cover band? We’ll get back to you on the name. For now, we’re taking suggestions in the comments section.

Here we are warming up:

We perform mostly Disney songs, pop songs, and classics like Cherry Bomb and Brass Monkey. Occasionally/every day, we also sing reggae, specifically Bob Marley. Here’s a taste for ya.

Now technically, this is a kids’ song, but we think Steven (of “Sweet Emotion” fame) could definitely make this into a rock song:

This is kind of a kids’ song because Miley sings it and she’s a kid, and also because it has kiddie lyrics like “la di da di”:

We’ll let you know when our album drops.

- Bert & Duke

Photo Seat

Here’s where I eat things and Mama takes pictures of me.


I don’t remember what this was, but I liked it. So, it was probably apples. Or cheese. Or veggie fries. Or did I say cheese?


After this, Mama said she was never gonna give me another yogurt stick with a bagel. Or another yogurt stick for that matter. She’s also since banned bagels. (Something about just eating the cream cheese.)


Yogurt stick ban was lifted when I made this face and agreed to eat it in non-stick fashion (in a bowl).


We’re probably headed for a pita ban.


I have a photo chair at Oma & Opa’s too! And it comes with a free Teddy underneath it.


I had to get my hair cut in the photo chair once. Never again.


No bib? No problem, I’ll keep things neat. #yogurtbanreinstated


I have a secret! (It’s that I had spaghetti before this ice cream sandwich.)

See you around in the photo chair.

- Duke

MTV Crib

Here’s my crib, complete with crib.

Literally, here’s my crib.


When Mama went with a robot theme for my room, Oma said, “Aren’t you worried he’ll be scared?”. Needless to say, I’ve lived my entire 26 months of life in abject fear. Looks at these fearful beasts!


Beep Boop we are terrifying clank clank!

Another vicious nightmare, this one from my friend Baby Handsome’s parents


Mama’s friend Ms. Kat Lam is in on it too.


Terrifying robot char with Little Pigeons on it. Why, Santa, why?!


I have a lot of books, but I read the same ones all the time: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baby Baa Baa, Counting Kittens, and Little Pigeons (Goodnight Moon). Notice the killer robot hidden amongst my guys. 


My clothes. What? You can never have too much flannel. Ask my dad.

And here's my full closet, complete with shoe, tie, and bib collection. What? I dress up sometimes and I drool always.

And here’s my full closet, complete with shoe, tie, and bib collection. What? I dress up sometimes and I drool always.

I forgot to photograph my vehicles. I have a red car with a blue handle, pretty sweet. And a motorcycle. Probably a Fisher-Price.

- Duke

Quick Chat


Here is what seems like an incoherent string of thoughts about Little Mermaid characters and the greatest book of all time, Little Pigeons, but would be probably called cinematic genius if I told you Nicolas Winding Refn directed it. Regardless, you should probably watch this. Stay tuned to find out who’s going to see fireworks (me!) and who should go down to the toy pit (Dada!). Oops, spoiler alerts.
- Duke

The Rest of Snow Day!

Here’s what we did after naps:

Hope you enjoyed your snow day too!

- Bert & Duke